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How does this work?

Once you purchase one of the plans, you will receive an email to schedule our first call and a link to our in intake form which has some questions that would help me get to know your needs, vision, desired outcomes, and your business. You must take some time and answer those questions because it’s important we are on the same page before I deliver any content regularly.

Afterward, I’ll call you on the date that you scheduled to discuss the client brief I made based on the answers form the questionnaire and get the permissions required to post on your profiles and start collaborating on the weekly content we will be delivering.

The first batch of content will be added to the client’s brief as “not approved” so you have a chance to review the content and give us the first round of feedback.


These packages are exclusively for Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook: 

  • for Package 1: I will create 1 post/ day, have a maximum of 6 posts in progress at any given time and do the required edits within 2 working days.
  • for Package 2: I will create 3 posts/ day, have a maximum of 10 posts in progress at any given time and do the required edits within 3 working days.
  • for Package 3: we will create 5 posts/ day, have a maximum of 10 posts in progress at any given time and do the required edits within 2 working days.


On each package, there is an option to add Instagram Stories, Video Article posts on Pinterest and the 2cents strategy GaryVee talks about.

    • Additional for Package 1: I will create visual content once a day for Instagram Stories and Pinterest.
    • Additional for Package 2: I will create visual content twice a day for Instagram and Facebook Stories and Pinterest.
    • Additional for Package 3:
    • I will create visual content three times a day for Instagram and Facebook Stories, Pinterest and I will do the 2 cents Gary Vee strategy.


Product Features: We bring your unique features and product/service offerings to social media.

Industry Insights and Statistics: We research reports, statistics and articles about your business to create interesting content.

Quotes: Quotes by famous people in your industry, your customers, employees or yourself.

Industry News: We’re staying up to date with the space around you to post the news that’s relevant.

Trivia: Did you know the largest candybar weighs 300kg? Easy, engaging content for socials.

Customer Reviews: Creating social proof by creating content from customer reviews and testimonials.

GIFs: We look for Viral, Funny or Interesting GIFs and we share them with social media.

Blogposts: Bringing your blog posts to social media again is key to deliver value to visitors.

Article-based Videos: Letter videos (moving image with text and a song as a background)


Once we start working together, we will spend time researching your business, industry and image to create the kind of content that is most compatible with your brand and that is of interest to your audience.
Then every month we’ll have a meeting and will review your monthly report with stats and seek to optimize the content in the long term, based on feedback and results.


Content published once a day
in your social media:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

$99 dls/ month

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Visual Content created once a day for:

Instagram and Pinterest.

$150 dls/ month

[simpay id=”53317″]


Content published three times a day
in your social media:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

$199 dls/ month

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Visual Content created twice a day for:

Instagram + Facebook Stories
and Pinterest.

$250 dls/ month

[simpay id=”53317″]


Content published five times a day
in your social media:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

$299 dls/ month

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Visual Content created twice a day for:

Instagram and Facebook Stories
+ Pinterest + 2cent strategy

$350 dls/ month

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

There’s really no risk with our 30 day guarantee. If you don’t like the content we create within the first 30 days, we will happily refund your money.


What’s the intake form?

The intake form is a small form that we ask our Concierge customers to fill out, so we can provide the best services. Shortly after you become a customer, we’ll email you the link to each relevant intake form.

Depending on the service you have, the form will differ, but the main idea is for us to better understand your business and your needs.

How long does it take from the time I pay until it’s all running?

The Intake Form is sent automatically after you buy the service and then, it all depends on how quickly you fill out the intake form. Once we have your intake form, the Client Brief usually takes us a maximum of 7 working days to craft and deliver.

Also, it depends on the complexity of your account and if we have follow-up questions or not.

So, all in all, the entire process usually takes a couple of workdays from pay to yey!

Is this generic “industry” content, or is this only for me?

You’re unique and we treat you as such. The strategy and content are 100% tailored to your needs based on your existing content (mostly your website and other materials you can share) and your responses in the intake form.

What does Per Business mean?

Per business means that we can add the same content across all the different social profiles that you have for that specific business (and make small changes to accommodate each social network as indicated for each SMS in the table above).

So if you have e.g. a Twitter profile, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile for Company A, plus your personal LinkedIn profile, and you want to publish the same content (maybe with small tweaks) on all of them, we can do so at no extra cost.

But in case you also have Company B and would want different content shared on its socials, you would need to buy an additional concierge service for it if you want us to handle it.

Basically, if it’s for the same “brand” and you can use the content on all of those profiles, you don’t need to pay extra. If we have to create different content for each of them, then it’s extra for each.

If I have multiple businesses, will my content get mixed up?

Not at all.

We use the categories and individual schedules to make sure each content is assigned to the right social profile(s) and it’s published individually, whenever it’s needed.

So you can have as many different businesses as you want within the same SocialBee account, and be able to manage them all individually from a central location.

Even more, if you’re on a Pro account, you can even use different workspaces for different businesses, and this way the content for each is completely separated.

What’s the difference between the Content Curation and the Social Media Specialist?

With the Content Curation Specialist, we only find newly curated (3rd party) content for you on a weekly basis. We don’t also create other types of posts (like promotional, quotes, timely events, etc).

With the Social Media Specialist, we take a holistic view of your account and generate all the needed types of content, as per our defined strategy.

If you want all your content refreshed on a regular basis, the Social Media Specialist is the right choice for you.



What type of content do you create?

Based on our research and the info you provided in the intake form, we generate content that fits different categories: Promotional, Your Blog Posts, Curated Content, Timely events, Memes, Inspirational, Engaging Questions, Fun, and more.

How do you generate the content?

We use your existing content (website, brochures, etc), our own creativity, social media best practices, a variety of tools – free, paid, and internal, plus multiple internal trainings and procedures to generate the best content for your business.

Will I have control over what’s shared?

Yes, you will. Within SocialBee, each post has an “Approved status” so if you want we can always add the content as “not approved”, then email you so you can check it and make any changes you want before it is shared.

You can even use our internal commenting functionality to offer feedback directly on the SocialBee post.

Usually, after a couple of rounds of feedback, we get in sync with you, and most customers ask us to add the content as approved going forward.

How come I should just use

We use a ticketing system behind our shared email, so we can easily manage our workflow, assign each email to the right bee, and work together as a team whenever it’s needed.

This way, when your designated bee is on holiday (yes, even bees need some time off from time to time), another bee can take over and have the full context of your business. Plus, whenever there’s a need, we can jump on a video call with you. Just let us know.

Does this work for Instagram?

It does. You can choose one of the three (Social Media Specialist Light, Social Media Specialist or Social Media Specialist Plus) and have the content shared on Instagram, if that’s what you want.

For extra customization (Instagram Feed, tweaked schedules based on your Instagram’s insights, Visuals for Stories), you’ll have to choose the Social Media Specialist Plus.

Do I need a SocialBee Platform license?

Yes, you do need a SocialBee license for us to save the content and for you to share it across your social profiles.

Is this done by bots or humans?

This Concierge Service is done by our own team of Social Media specialists (or social media bees, as we like to call them). No bots involved. See some of them (we’re constantly growing) on our about page.

Can I do this myself?

Sure you can. But should you?

How much time will it take you to get things right and how will this lack of focus affect your core business activities? Or how long would it take you to recruit, and train somebody else for this? Then what will you do when they go on holiday, are sick, or decide to quit? You’ll have to start that process all over again.

The business of business is business. Let us take care of your social media so you can focus on the rest. It will cost you less than your time’s worth. Besides, we really know how to create great content 😉

What we don’t do as part of the service?

Reply to your audience (community management) – we do this through our IG Community Management service.
Design complex graphics.

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